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We offer a wide range of services to suite your business needs.

Custom Web Applications

We provide quality, high performance web application development using Laravel and Vue.js. From simple, CRUD-based applications all the way to Enterprise accounting and Ecommerce systems, we've got you covered.

Small Business Websites

Our commercial CMS (Alloy) was built from the ground up to provide small business owners with unparalleled content management capabilities, leveraging the latest features in modern PHP (7) and software development patterns and best practices.

Mobile Application Development

We provide everything from professional, quality crafted API development all the way to full blown mobile application design (UX and UI) for both IOS and Android operating systems. We'll work alongside you step by step as we build your app and deploy it to Apple app store or Google Play store.


About Us

  • 2012-2014

    Open Source Beginnings

    Code Sleeve started in late 2012 as a small, open source software development organization. In general, we're focused primarily on web application development using modern PHP (php >= 5.4 with composer for dependency management). In particular, we specialize in the development of high performance apps using Laravel PHP. The open source packages we develop and maintain have been downloaded over 130K times. We are obsessive about our craft and passionate about the products that we build.

  • September 2015

    Transition to an Agency

    Since late 2015 we've been focused on building quality applications for a variety of clients across the country. The software we build and the services we provide are created and implemented by us. We (quite literally) write every line of code ourselves and we're obsessive about our craft. We do not outsource our work at any level; when you use our products or communicate with us about a project, you will in fact be talking to the very engineers that are responsible for implementing and maintaining the software you're using.

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